What is RAML

RAML is an acronym for RESTful API Modeling Language based on YAML(YAML Ain't Markup Language). RAML is a modeling language to define HTTP based APIs to include all or some of the principles of Representational State Transfer (REST).

Using RAML we can write the API specification which explains API's behavior, fundamental design, and supported data types. An API specification can be used to pre-populate your implementation with artifacts and metadata to reduce development time.

Why should you use RAML?

The main purpose of an API specification is to make sure the API consumer understands the REST API defined in the specification and with RAML, it is easier for the devleopers to write a readable and simple API by providing all the necessary details with examples.

Now you know what RAML is and its uses, lets learn how to code it!

To design an API with RAML, you can use one of the following editors

  • API design center in anypoint platform
  • API workbench
  • ATOM using RAML package

This tutorial is broken down into different topics with in-depth explanation and examples. With every new language or technology comes the technical jargons and we have few in RAML as well. Let's get started.